Category S best buys ? : Vauxhall Meriva and Citroen C1

Both were bought with all manuals including fully stamped service histories and two keys. See how we get on…

First in the queue is the Vauxhall Meriva so I phoned up known scrapyards to source the nearside headlight and passenger wing, ideally in Metro Blue or colour code Z168 from the vehicle identification plate but none was forthcoming. This morning, using a well known purchasing website, I found the matching wing for £19.99 including delivery which undercut scrapyard prices in different shades – can’t argue with that. There were numerous headlights advertised so utilising the filter for ‘cheapest price’ enabled me to click on a £13.50 unit so all that remains now is to find out whether the parts are delivered as advertised. We shall see…

…to surprisingly find that the headlight arrived one day later so I will strip the Meriva of damaged parts – simples !

Simples ? Stripping the Meriva wing is easy although there is one bolt concealed behind a quarterlight which ideally requires it to be removed first to expose said bolt but that window is bonded so I cut the metal away it instead. The Meriva’s a Category S for a reason as the inner wing is folded, a damn shame as one inch to the right would have cleared the impact so some thinking is required… My old bike chain was brought out into service, soon after pulling out a Ford Fusion bumper bar although the Meriva’s crease is not so easy. Therefore, the Saab 9-3 is on the pull with the Meriva after bolting the chain to two reference points at the area of impact. Some rocking of the Saab and a few snapped chain links later, we’re off to B and Q to buy some new chain; a hydraulic ram would be the ideal tool to gently flatten out the crease but we haven’t got one.

6mm chain it is then although it pulled one bolt from its socket with no apparent ironing of that crease so this punctuates the limit of my endeavours.

Category S  Vauxhall Meriva  1  Motoview  0

Will the Citroen C1 be an easier repair ?


Words and photos are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou


October 2018