Outfox the VW Fox

£180 bid for a 2010 Brazilian-made VW Fox therefore £306 all in which is cheap. Category N (Non- structural) as well with only 53K on the milometer. Photos showed that the front bumper was cracked with a misaligned bonnet that normally means that it should be category S (Structural) recorded as there had been movement in the slam panel. Furthermore, the passenger door scraped against the nearside wing however, on collection, it started and drove fine and a mate even had a disguarded Fox front bumper behind his garage !

The driver’s side headlight had been pushed in with cracked brackets so a scissor jack and soldering iron were retrieved from the bowels of the garage to firstly straighten the front panel around the headlight and secondly to bond the plastic brackets back together. Now to align that bonnet…

If I can only motivate myself to align that front bumper as well as paint it ?