Warning signs !

I got into the habit of switching off my 2012 Seat Ibiza Ecomotive estate in traffic even though it has a start-stop ignition to save the planet; that system will only work when the engine has warmed up to the appropriate temperature so it wasn’t wise to turn the engine off as I soon found out.

The Ibiza started to lag and became lethargic then the soot particulate filter light came on which was justified as the catalytic converter couldn’t burn off the carbon although a blast down the motorway soon extinguished that symbol. A couple of weeks later, an engine management light appeared so my diagnostic scanner was plugged in to reveal one P0405 fault code which defined as EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve. It has a 1.2 TDI engine that was affected by the emissions scandal and was duly recalled around two years ago. Seat Manchester, did a remap of the Engine Control Unit that according to them, involved a reordering of the firing sequence of the injectors. I had to ask for paper proof to be issued after the adjustment had been done and I remembered reading that certain parts including EGR would be covered by a twenty four months warranty should a fault occur as a consequence of the emissions recall. With that in mind, I managed to find the certificate that was dated 3rd January 2017 although I retrieved it two years and one day after. The Gods conspired against me again.


Seat, based in Milton Keynes offered as a goodwill gesture a diagnosis of the fault although Lookers who are one of the Seat retailers in Manchester want confirmation of this as they need reimbursement of the cost from the manufacturer. Anyway, this seems to be in the pipeline but that light went off and has now returned on its own !


Words and photos are copyright of Sotiris Vassiliou

January 2019