It had been a while – over ten years since I was in Cyprus, the country of my parents’ birth.

There is a tenuous car connection here as I’d managed to organise an economy hire car for the two week trip working out at less than ten pounds a day. £136.17 to be precise and the car turned out to be an automatic and not a manual as I had reserved. Automatics cost more but the multitude of forlorn hire cars that covered the car parks of various hire companies around Larnaca’s Glafcos Clerides airport provided the reason. These days, I prefer automatics because the technology has moved on so much in the last fifteen years, by comparison manuals appear archaic.

The new larnaca airport is impressive, more than Manchester’s, with passport scanners with staff on hand to guide you through. When I has passed through Manchester’s, the ‘poor’ survey seemed to be pressed repeatedly by exiting passengers. I liken the security queues at most airports, though to heading cattle a dehumanising experience.

I greeted the Budget rental man with “yassou” only to be met with a Cockneyed ” they’re Greek but not me” after which he swaggered off to the printer. Okey.