Sporty Jazz !

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Car: £934.40

Rear bumper bracket £17.42

Paint £45.60

Clips £4.35

Parking sensors: £7.99

You don’t come across these often: a late first generation Honda Jazz with the added rarity of it being a ‘Sport’ model revered moreover because of its automatic transmission. Furthermore, it had only 43,000 ish miles on the clock which I confirmed using total car When I arrived for collection, it was unceremoniously being dragged from the front with its front bumper scraping  the ground. My mind started to calculate an ever increasing repair cost as the splash guards and engine undertray were being folded and split to an oblivious fork-lift driver as I held up one side of its dragging front bumper. An evaluation: cracked and split front bumper firstly with a poorly painted rear bumper that had had an impact to one side showing an impression of one bumper bracket. Happily, a reconnection of the battery helped it start first time and it sounded healthy. Some grommets to secure the bumper and a fluid and tyre check and we were ready to roll without the help of a recovery truck. A ” Wigan till I pie” sticker covered one corner of the rear windscreen showing that it had been locally owned – that would one of the first things removed to increase its valuation!

It wasn’t difficult to remove the rear bumper as some plastic studs were missing and it looked like it had had a bodged job – aren’t all rear end repairs bodged? Coper orange colour showed where the blue paint had eroded away without any keying of the surface or undercoat. The rear driver’s box section had been knocked out without a hydraulic pull as there was a faint dent on the rear wing.